Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday 1 September 2013

Spring has sprung

Spring today! But very few flowers in my garden sadly. I do love my pots for $3.57 on clearance at The Warehouse, which are by the front door though.

I'd love some daffodils to buy from somewhere. 


Like spring - about 8 loads of laundry done and dried OUTSIDE! Yay! (I hate using clothes driers and I hate even more clothing racks up inside!)

Hot water bottle covers and cushion covers seen for the school gala - not perfect to me though...

And the body of my cardigan re- knitted! What a drama! Much happier with it but even gong down a needle size or two, I think I could have knitted a size smaller. Love the lace pattern which I found easy much to my surprise!!! Sleeves to knit now.

Aunt visited and lots of stuff for gala from her AND bags of fabric which will be distributed around 3 schools for Trash to Fashion costumes and crafty sewing ladies for gala stalls.

Father's Day but a non event as husband hates the commercialism of it, so nothing here for it!

And I decided to delete the autumn/ winter swap and will do a giveaway soon instead - a lot easier.

I am so keen to get rid of stuff out of my house and I am managing to give away stuff which I can find very hard to do, but am managing it, which is great.

A few too many books bought lately from the Book Depository but I know they will be keepers...

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  1. I love your cardi, great colour. It has Bucketed down ALLLLL weekend here. But we have blossoms on the tree so not all is lost! xo