Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

2 very favourite things

Knitting!  Finally blocked my cardigan after school today. (oops still outside and it will apparently be 4 degrees tonight! In Auckland 4 degrees!) Not my favourite - I thought about un - doing it for the second time ....

And a cowl started and finished in a week all ready for my mum's birthday next week. I have lots of this wool left, so need to find a pattern for something else to knit with it.

And I started a wee cardigan for my niece Pippa over the weekend too. Gorgeous 100% merino wool at $3 a ball at the last Knit World sale! 

Mail - real letters in the letterbox today. Two from long standing pen friends (1986 / 1991 ) in Australia and Christchurch (via Boston) and a new pen friend from England. Yay! School holidays in a week or so - double yay - so I'll scribble madly then! (although I am off to Christchurch to stay with that pen friend. We have met many many times all around the world!)

What are some of your favourite things?


  1. Pen Pals! How lovely, I had 2 in high school, both in Germany. One came to stay with our family which was so cool! Unfortunately, we've lost contact now.

    Have a wonderful time in Christchurch!

    One of my best friends lives there, but I haven't been there since 2008.

  2. Love a quick and satisfying project knit like a cowl! Loveldy pattern and colour. 4 degrees?! It feels like Summer here in Brisbane! Just today I started packing away my Winter clothes. :)