Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Playing on

Great to see the car mat that I made 13 years ago still being used! The carpet mats back then were horrendously expensive! I really do think the price of toys and baby items has dropped dramatically over the past years. (best toy investment we ever made was the wooden Thomas the Tank Engine train set - hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars spent on that I'd say!)

I really should say it is GReAT to see the nearly 10 year old still playing with toys - he does spend too much time in from of a screen sometimes I think!
It has done well. We have an enormous collection of matchbox etc cars (what with having 3 boys!).
I did do a clear out a while back and took 4 shoe box fills into school as well. (kids there go gaga over them!)
The mat has lasted well. Any toys in your house still going strong many kids and years later?

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