Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday 22 September 2013

Trumpeting along!

The middle kid does everything! Soccer (4 times a week in winter with games and 3 practices), futsal, scouts, trumpet, running at school and sailing (in summer.) 
Something might have to do one day, as the homework piles up and exams get more important in later years. He loves everything and has done everything for years (bar trumpet which he is in year 2. We will probably buy a trumpet at the end of the year, but at $1000 plus.... Hmmm. He needs to play and practice a lot for that money!!!)

Thankfully my other two kids do no activities (their choice.)

I finally got to see him play in his school concert band on Friday after school. (an hour drive from my school to second school and then to his school! Crazy!!) it was fantastic.
I love kids playing an instrument! I am hoping the younger kid picks up drums again an another year or two. I played piano and flute for 8 or so years. It is great hearing an instrument in the house!

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  1. A little slow getting around to posts here. I want to say I'm glad you have a child who plays an instrument. I think he helps in all manner of things; schoolwork, planning, organizing, making friends, etc. Both of mine played from elementary school through high school. They were both in marching band in high school and it led to some hectic schedules but I wouldn't have traded it for anything. Both of my kids have become wonderful adults (36 and 34) with families of their own. I am proud of them and I am convinced that the musical background they had affects them to this day.