Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Odd one out now

Ryan had his Catholic sacraments last weekend. I am now the only non - Catholic in the family. (and it will always be that way.)
He did his confirmation on the Saturday and the holy communion on the Sunday.
It was very sweet, even if I know very little about the whole business. I do love the Tongan priest at the parish - he is a hoot. All done now. I love how he chose his saints now - St Joan of Arc - because he thinks she is cool. Good enough for me but the MiL I don't think was that happy with the choice and the Bishop of Auckland had a giggle over it! My fab non- conforming kid is awesome!!

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  1. How wonderful that you let your children embrace a religion even if you haven't yourself!
    I am not religious, I have my own beliefs but I think it is so important to let our children make their own decisions and to support them with whatever they decide :)