Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Scrummy cotton

Inspired by the absolutely gorgeous dishcloths I received from Leonie as part of a dishcloth swap, I ordered some balls of the Sugar'n'creme cotton from Yarnz. It arrived at school yesterday. Gorgeous , gorgeous stuff and at $6-8 a ball really good value. (Usually I buy the english cotton which is a lot more expensive and not as gorgeous as this stuff.)

Have cast on a bit - that essay still bugs me and probably will for a few more weeks -.

Have also been knitting another sock - bits and pieces in front of tv or at lunchtime at school usually!

Kieran is at home with tonsillitis and cannot get to doctor till 3pm (I am getting frustrated with this as cannot get into my real doctor - 3rd time this has happened and usually with a nasty infection or ear- ache which really needs to be seen by doctor when it occurs . I refuse to keep going to White Cross and being seen by random people time after time, so now shove strong painkillers done me and do not go at all.... I assume with more and more people coming to Auckland this will be normal! I have had my doctor for 20 plus years and love her.)

Another parcel arrived at school too - a big bag from Bendigo Woollen yarns. :)  A present to myself. As I have the willpower of a mung bean, I got the office ladies to hide it and will open it on my birthday next week. :). 

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