Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday 23 February 2014

Badge collector

I am not too sure you gets more excited about scout badge collecting - the scout or me!
Today's chore - pinning and sewing on scout badges (lots collected from jamboree and from years ago too!).
HOURS of work! HOURS. and not even half done.
And a broken sewing machine needle. Not at all the easiest thing to sew. Or sew straight.
The scout is very pleased though to finally have more badges on the blanket. He has been at the annual Founders Day camp this weekend at Motu Moana and his scout group won the pioneering Trophy! There will be another one or two badges to sew on the camp fire blanket after this weekend now.
I am a past cub scout leader - Scouting is so good for kids - both boys and girls are welcome in scouts in New Zealand - we were the first country to admit girls to scouts around 20 years ago. i think in USA scouts is still a boy thing - correct me if I am wrong!


  1. My kids and husband have just finished hand sewing all their jamboree badges on their blankets.
    Just in time for using the blankets at their group camp last weekend.

  2. I can't tell from pic but do you have a Murihiku (southland) badge? Because we have a few spares I could send one.

    1. Hi Alisa - we'd love one - can send a few your way too. E-mail me at