Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday 25 February 2014

capsules of life

*Big post office run - 3 swap parcels and a bunch of snail mail letters sent off to Australia (x2), USA(x2), France, UK.
* HUGE mammoth effort to get 30 parents and around 45 odd children all signed up for a reading programme at school. I organise the whole entire thing from making library cards, book bags, sets of books for each child which match their reading level and then running the things. More time out of library but same volume of work to do.
*AND carry on maintaining the library as usual. but NOPE today it is a mess. I cannot do it all by my self, but I have to... roping in friends to help do it. Some of us work a lot harder than others like at any workplace.. Shelving is piled up everywhere.
*And we throw into the mix jury service next week. NOT excited. BUT actually time off work might do my brain some good.
*Not good only 4-5 weeks into a school term.
*Summer soccer is over. Yay. Team won their grade. Yay.
*Only have music and futsal 2 nights a week and that is IT for extra curricular stuff.
*Started my next uni paper - need to carry on as I started.
*Weather still stunning and piles of laundry done every day.
*Thinking here we go with another term of being exhausted and staying home in the weekends - sorry family. Need home time seriously.
*Thinking of a poor friend who is on bed rest in hospital at only 30 weeks. that must be HARD> No idea what is around the corner.
*Going in to teach her how to knit to drive away some of the insantiy.
*I need flowers. More. In vases. Where do you buy good not too expensive flowers from every week? I have no idea...
*Doing well with scrapbooking. Love making memories.
*Doing very very well with not spending so much money on stuff I do NOT need. Making do with stuff.
*Got a new lead for the rabbit except we did not put it on properly... cue a PANIC and lots of yelling as we ran around the backyard trying to catch it.... funny now. Was NOT funny at the time.
*I neeeeeeeed sleep...........
*Husband finally coming right after 2 weeks of a viral thing.

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