Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday, 20 February 2014

What I've sent

I took part in Tracy's Valentine Swap.
The items to be swapped had to include a handcrafted heart, sweets and something around flowers.
this is what I sent to Tracy , who was also my swap partner.
I knitted a heart coaster and a dishcloth (still loving the Sugar'n'creme cotton), a bamboo bowl (adore anything made out of bamboo - bamboo underwear is a favourite of mine!), flower seeds, chocolate and lollies and sprinkles fo cakes and cupcakes.
Silly me had a dyslexia moment and got house numbers confused and sent it off to another house way up the road (and the cheeky people actually opened the parcel before sending it back to me - at least they did that! - but it wan't cool enough to keep - hee hee), before re-addressing correctly for Tracy to receive it. I know she has received it and loves it all. Another swap completed and I am close to sending my packages off for my own swap - Share your Country.


  1. What lovely things to have sent, but how rude of the people at the wrong address to have opened the parcel!! I am glad that they returned it to you though so you could send it on to the right place! xx

  2. Your knitted creations are lovely.
    I missed out on this swap. I will be sure to get involved next year though. x