Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Kiwiana pillow love

Every summer I do a cross stitch. This past summer I have done two - one started a few months ago but finished this summer - it should be back from the framers this week.
And this one - a cross stitch map of New Zealand I started in December and finally finished it tonight. It would have been finished weeks ago but study put a stop to that!
I sewed it up as a cushion half an hour go and adore it! (I secretly think my husband said make it into a cushion as he thinks we have enough cross stitched things on the walls and he freaks every time at the cost of framing - hee hee!
Heirlooms dear. Heirlooms. >br> The NZ map pattern and kit is available from The Stitchsmith. Do you cross stitch much?


  1. Looks lovely - love the backing fabric too!

  2. I love the bright flowery fabric

  3. What an unusual cross stitch, I love it as it is so unusual and it makes a lovely cushion! xx

    1. It is a "koru" pattern which is a traditional Maori pattern here in New Zealand.

  4. Lovely bit of Kiwiana right there !