Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday 7 March 2014

Share your Country Swap

Whew. FRIDAY> This week has been a muck up with me on jury service. For me, that involved sitting around in a room for 3 days waiting for my name to be pulled out of the ballot. It never was. I was discharged Thursday morning. I learnt how rubbish day time tv is and also did lots of uni work.
I returned to school yesterday to a massive backlog. No there is no-one to replace me when I have gone.... I know I am needed! :)
Sitting in the office was a big parcel from Zara.
A rather glorious parcel which several of us oohed and ared over at the end of the day.
The most gorgeous bunting from vintage tea towels.
A very cool table cloth.
A tea towel (why can I never find such gems like these items in op shops???)
A Yardage design bag (oh! I have followed this designer for such a looong time and am thrilled to won something!).
Everything was in this bag. Including a pen for me, a "K" notepad, chocolate and apple rock -
(10 year old stealing it!) rocklea road and this cracked me up - WALLABY bites. How gorgeous! (No wallabies were harmed in the making of this product.) Thank you so much Zara - loved it all. A fab representation of Australia! This is what I sent to Zara -


  1. I love your share my country goodies. This was such a great swap Kimberly. I have received mine and can[t wait to share them. Please think of another swap, I have my thinking cap on too! xo

  2. Lots of wonderful swap goodies, I did wonder about the wallabies bites!! I received a box of New Zealand earl grey and I love it!

  3. I'm glad you like the goodies I sent. It was such fun participating in this swap.
    I also love all the things you sent me. I needed a new shower cap so it was perfect timing. and it's the prettiest shower cap I've ever had.