Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday 18 April 2014

A Good Friday

School holidays! And, as is usual for me, I have spent it walking around in circles around the house. I always find it hard to relax on the first day/few days. I have dragged the scrapbooking out and knitted here and there and baked!
chocolate muffins (with Whitakers 72% Ghana chocolate) - the boys have declared these to be the best muffins ever.
Hot cross buns made by the husband - he makes them every Good Friday. They are soooo good and superior to supermarket ones!
And most weekends you will find home made bread rolls in the house too - these are snapped up very fast by the boys and it can be a case of "oi - put that back; that is my one." The mother needs at least one.
Have a good safe Easter weekend everyone. We have the remnants of a cyclone hit us yesterday - boy was the flooding spectacular in parts of Auckland. And the wind. Today it has been summer again - well, the temperatures are still around 24 degrees during the day. Humid today too. Down south it is a lot colder!


  1. Those hot cross buns look really delicious!!! My Mum used to make some really fantastic buns....sigh...memories!!!
    Hope the flooding hasn't done too much damage in your area of NZ

    Happy Easter!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  2. Love this bunnies! And those hit cross buns look delicious x happy Easter to you and yours x

  3. I always enjoy baking to celebrate throughout the year.
    The bread rolls look delicious. x