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Creative Chaos

Tuesday 27 May 2014

Hottie Project 2014 - Hotwater Bottle covers for Christchurch

Lisa is doing a callout for hotwater bottle covers for Christchurch again this year. Good old Kidscan is supporting! I am the Kidscan co-ordinator at my school and in charge of handing out raincoats, shoes, pants and the ordering of them too. I also order food and health products - Kidscan makes a world of difference to our less fortunate New Zealand children ( 20% of children live in poverty) - it is so fantastic to see them coming on board again for Christchurch.

This was the bunch I made last year from old school sweatshirts. I am hoping I might have a bit of time this winter to make a few more.

From Lisa -
I can hardly believe it has been a year since the last Hottie Project.  You were one of the amazing contributors which help us make literally hundreds of warm and cosy hottie covers for the children of Christchurch.   (You can see them on the Hottie Project page here :)

Last year these were distributed to school children by KidsCan who were blown away by your effort, and there were many more happy, cosy children because of you - last year a school even did a fundraiser to buy the bottles and the school children made the covers in their sewing class with each child attaching a personal note to their cover.  So special.

After watching the temperatures on the news the last few nights with Christchurch seeing an overnight low of -5 degrees,  my thoughts are going once again to the children living in earthquake and flood damaged homes.  Christchurch seems to be hit with one thing after another and to me this feels like one way we can provide comfort and show how much we care.

This year KidsCan have already purchased us 160 hot water bottles in advance, and pledge to purchase as many bottles as we make covers for!  This means we can focus on making the covers rather than purchasing bottles and also means inexpensive postage too.

We would love to have you join us once again this year, in making a cover (or two or ten :). They are so appreciated and a lovely winter project to work on too.  Why not get a bunch of friends together and have a hottie making night, or share the idea with your quilting groups or school?

Once again I will have my sewing pattern available, along with patterns for knitted, quilted and crocheted covers so you can choose your favourite mode and have some fun!

To get involved, all you have to do is click HERE  Too easy!
Pop in your name and email address, and I will I will automatically send you the "Welcome Pack" with all the patterns, the final delivery date, the address to send your cover/s to and of course a link to some of the incredible covers made last year for some inspiration :)

I hope that we can, once again, make a real difference to New Zealand children's lives and I look forward to hearing from you and being part of this extraordinarily wonderful group of people.

So go ahead - click on the link!  HERE!

Lisa xx

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