Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday 26 May 2014

Wool Week

Yay for New Zealand Wool Week this week. I have not been into a wool shop here for ages... I buy a lot of NZ wool online. Would love to know if any shops doing anything to celebrate.

I have just knitted up a splittity quick cowl in bright yellow - a Bendigo Woollen Mills wool bought last year for my birthday. this will add a lovely splash of colour to my winter wardrobe! Loving how it turned out!

Today it is a lot colder, but not too cold. I am in my favourite NZ made wool tights from Farmers - I wear these tights all winter. Paired with my favourite $8 op shopped cord skirt and a lovely Australian merino top from Target last weekend. (kindly pointed out by my mate Kristy.) I wear merino all winter  layered. I own many of the Warehouse merino tops. Given up on cotton in winter - all the cotton tops seem to stretch sideways, but merino keeps its shape and is warmer. I love my winter wardrobe, but it is annoying having gone done 1-2 sizes of clothing without trying (due to tonsils being out and no taste for anything sweet anymore.) - a belt is my must have wardrobe item!

Jealous of those further south with the real cold and snow!

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  1. I am in awe of the speediness of your knitting
    I have printed out the pattern and I'm all ready for knit n natter