Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Free reign

The dear husband has given me free reign to study this weekend.
I have done 6 loads of laundry and made lemon muffins (2/24 left at the end of the day!) and knitted a lot... (and undone it all last night when I realised my increasing stitiches were in the wrong row pattern...), but other than that I have stared at notes and sighed and realised I have a looong way to go.....
(and I did have a huge gleeful grin on my face with the English being soooo close to beating our rugby team who I have no interest in at all... we can hear the crowd from our house - better luck next time chaps!).
I think my life has come to a roaring halt due to study and the house/ dinners will be neglected till June 20... this is how I cope! I have a funny feeeling school interviews for 3 kids might be in the same week of exam and those will be getting neglected by me too (I usually go - husband's turn this time!) and school reports under National Standards I have no interest in either. (they are doing fine!).

(drinking Madura English Breakfast and Australian Afternoon Tea a lot - boxes always bought home from every Australian trip!).

Good luck to others studying for uni exams.

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