Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Good things in life!

Wool and books! A few things as a treat to my self for finishing another university paper. :)
Both on sale. Whitcoulls has had the most incredible book sale and a whole lot of crafty books - lots and lots! This wee pile was bought for $70 down from a retail price of $220 !! My two favourites are the "Design Bloggers at Home" and "60 Quick Knits" (ooooh Cascade 220 wool - divine and WANT!).

 And wool love - Good old Knit World and their half yearly sale. (I was very strong and forbade my self over the summer sale from not buying a thing. This time I mail ordered it to school - if you turn up to my school there might be a few women in the office ooohing and aaaahing over our new purchases (a lot of my mail goes to school) - it's an education for the year 7/8 in textiles :) )
And some more gorgeous Sugar'n'creme dishcloth yarn. Everytime I buy from the Yarnz website, they have a whole new lot of new colours - all gorgeous! I've already nearly knitted one around watching Germany vs Ghana this morning. (it's a dull day here, so photos are not too bright.)

Any new books/wool goodness in your household??

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