Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday, 23 June 2014

The last week

 roaring fires night after night
 wet days - yes laundry hung outside. Not a clothes horse person unless in front of fire or heat pump. And hate using clothes driers a lot..
 sunny moments
 Tuna Ricebake from Edmonds cookbook - love
 knitting cardigan - although the pattern is challegning to read, so come to a roaring halt! Need some help with decipering it...
 cardigan sleeves finished though
 Mt Everest of ironing - not done for 2-3 weeks or so..
 I scrapbooked and scrapbooked over the weekend - pages and pages. Not fancy pages at all, but happy to get months and months of photos into several albums.
 Lemon meringue pie from Circus Circus - didn't like
The exam - DONE and DUSTED! And 3 short weeks until my next paper (stage 3 NZ history) starts. Yikes.

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