Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday, 13 June 2014

My Dishcloth Swap

Earlier this week I received my dischloth swap package from Glenda, another kiwi. Yay for happy mail. (Glenda does not have a blog). Glenda unfortunately never heard back from her swapper, (nor did I),  so I agreed to swap with her instead. This is what Glenda sent -
 I love it all! The little macaroom kitchen timer is perfect as our stove time as stopped and the tea strainer too, as my single cup mesh one bought in Melbourne in 2002 (when we lived there and I was so happy to see an entire tea shop - less common here back then!), gave up a few weeks back. The youngest has gotten into a habit of boiling himself an egg every day after school, so the timer is perfect for him to use too.
 I adore the dishcloths and love the Sugar'n'creme choices that Glenda knitted them in. I just had to order myself some new balls this week after seeing these - the self striping one I especially love!
Here they are a bit closer with a gorgeous teatowel too. Thank you so much Glenda. My packages to my 3 partners will be going out very shortly -j ust need to be wrapped. Silly study is consuming me.
Looking forward to seeing what everyone has sent each other!


  1. What a lovely swap package
    Grrrr to swappers who don't make contact

  2. so glad you guys managed to redeem the swap probs xxx

  3. Just popped over from Tracy's blog - what a great solution to let downers for your swap (that happened to me a long time ago, I was hosting a swap when some participants asked me to avoid partnering them with this lady and so I felt obliged to take her as my own partner and, no surprises, she did the same to me - no goodies although she happily accepted mine!) I know the disappointed feeling but hey ho - you meet all sorts in blogland and it looks like you had a great solution to your swap disappointment and came up trumps. Betty