Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

More dishcloth love

My dishcloth swap was a big hit from other bloggers post which I have read. I swapped with Lisa and Nicole (no blog) as well. Both boxes with goodies arrived last week. Always good to get mail especially in a crazy week at school. (this week I could very nearly take mental health leave - thank goodness school hols are just a few days away.... they always save me!)

Lisa sent the most amazing deorated package box I have ever received. (oops cannot find photo - will take another!) Inside - goodies! Excited about the Twining Australian Afternoon Tea (husband and I have drunk 100 teabags of that and 100 of Madura English breakfast in 6 weeks.... thankfully back in Australia next week, so can buy more 100 tea bag boxes :) ).

 Fab dishcloths in my favourite colours (husband is now saying "stop! stop! We donot need anymore" - I think we do :) ).
And the most fab tea towel as well from a NZ company or over here. A great design. Great to know another compnay to buy cool items from to send overseas.
Lisa also made a next box and filled it with chocolates. I'm saving them for the hols.

From Nicole in USA - 

 Lots more goodies. I had teenagers running away with things - gum, straw moustaches especially.
I have heard of Goldfish crackers , so it is neat to get a cartoon of them (saving for hols too).
 two gorgeous dishcloths and soap which smells gorgeous (oh to have farm gate soap here).
 a tea towel and seeds (eeeek - these made it through NZ customs - a big no no and I should tell swapers this)
 And my first ever Cascades wool too - sock yarn. That is exciting!
Here's my divine dishcloths all stacked up - love them all!
Thanks Lisa and Nicole for being such great swap partners and putting together neat packages for me.

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