Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 29 June 2014

On the knitting needles

 It has been a bit of a knitting feast here. Loving the above book, which i bought for $10 in a Whitcoulls sale. A potholder (which can also be a dishcloth).

 Another dishcoth finished but not quite perfect. I had to change the pattern as it was written for 50 odd stitches, which is far too big for my liking, so I changed it ti to 30 stitches, which then involved me trying to figure out the pattern to make a smaller pattern with 30 stitches! (lots of soccer watching at same time!)

 Loving these socks! Look complicated but really easy. This is a $10 ball of possum wool! Not bad to get a pair of socks from a $10 ball! Very hard to photograph the pattern by yourself... :)

 Another plain sock for the husband - started on plane to Melbourne 5 weeks ago and got very close to finishing and that is as far as they have gone since then!
 Same with these fingerless mittens - started months ago, but then study kicked in.....
And a finished pot mitt.

School hols in a week - phew! - , so there will be A LOT of knitting. No further progress made with the cardigan, but I am hoping I understand the pattern a bit more.
I have a big build up of dishcloths - might do a wee New Zealand type giveaway soon of lots of my favourite NZ things and include a dishcloth! Stay tuned..

                            .......Any craft taking place at your house? Anyone on school hols already?.....

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  1. I can't wait for the school holidays. Those red sock are fab! xo