Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday, 1 August 2014

the rhythm of term times

Today is Friday afternoon. I have just washed the Wednesday night dishes. Last night we barely had dinner. In fact all I ate yesterday was 2 slices of vogels for breakfast , a hideous quiche from the tuck shop and 4 crackers. I acutally didn't have dinner. I came home from school, ran around hiring wine glasses for boy's school, ran to soccer practice and then back at boy's school for the art exhibition and to serve wine/cheese as a BOT member. Then abandoned by most of the BOT to clean up. (oi I felt like saying. I've an essay to re-write...). Got home around 9pm and then remembered I had to make morning tea for my school and also provide a plate for the boy's school. So two cakes later... bed.

This morning up at 6.30am to make 3 loaves of bread's worth of aspargus sandwiches between the 2 schools. (my school staff are big eaters.....). Whew sit down at school later on and spend an hour covering new books. (soooooo many new books. I've been at a central Auckland school library this afternoon which basically needs to be half chucked out in my opinion. It makes me so lucky in that, even with a smaller than most schools budget, my school is so well resourced and so up to date. We'd rival a Whitcoulls store....)

I'm home now. 3rd load of laundry already on. It has been a dozy of a week with 3 lots of takeaways - disgusting to me - but I've been sick for 3 days too, as well as a husband who has struggled to fight off a virus after a week and a kid has just been diagnosed with OCD. We moved fast with that - I am so grateful for teenage boys who talk to parents. It helped that the husband was home sick with 2 of them this week (15 minute interviews at school and then rest of day off) and that he had time to talk with teenager when approached.

I need to sort out an essay - draft has been looked at by an academic advisor. Final copy done by this Sunday night. That is my weekend really gone.

And a new principal. ROCKING. So easy to talk too. I am so scared about the state of education in NZ as an insider.. I hd a closed door chat with him for an hour and a half - first to be approached by him as apparrently I see everything - oh I do.

Anyway - happy weekend. This week typifies a week in our school term - it is mad! I am exhausted most weekends.


  1. Oh my god Kimberley, I really hope you have a restful weekend, your week sounds mad! xoxo

  2. Everything Elaina said! Take care! xxx