Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Slow Sunday

Wet and colder again. We have not left the house. A slow roasted leg of lamb served up at 2.30pm with all the trimmings. Broccoli out of the garden.
 Artwork hung up nearly 9 years ago from the best book "Kiss Kiss, Yuck Yuck" by Kyle Mewburn - I still adore it!
 More artwork in the hallway to be put up into the attic.
 Study on the bed. Eassy being flicked in tonight. I am NEVER happy with them!
 Gorgeous wool - oh ot have the time to knit guilt free. (I don't.)
 In the favourite corner of the bedroom.
 Next to the bed. New book untouched.
 One row knitted on this sock today. Then thought about that essay...
 Bought magazines. Pile all un-read...
Lazy-ish slow days are fabulous! Just what we needed.


  1. Love your washi tape stack. I am exhausted after our 9 year old's birthday party today. Enjoying some long overdue blogging time now in a quiet house. Your sunday sounds lovely and relaxed. Hope the essay goes off ok. T

  2. Ohh roast lamb is my favourite.
    Your bedroom shelf is lovely holding all those creative bits and pieces.