Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday 19 September 2014

a limit/ election

Yesterday i took a day off work. Just to be. Work is awesome. It is my university work and everything else that has been driving me crazy. My essay draught is back and I need to fix up the "slash and burn" from the writing assessment and want it in by Sunday night - not quite a week late, but late. I have vowed and declared that I will never ever put another assignment in late again. I think it causes even more stress. I have another summer paper to do and another two in my head to sign up for in 2015. Just waiting for 2015 enrolment to open on October 1st. School will pay for one too - yay!

So my day off was good for me. Sitting by the fire, catching up on uni work, baking a banana loaf, a bit of knitting. Only me at home - i love that! This past week has seen a flurry of knitting - finally have my orange socks finished - I know i started these a year ago - yikes! One discloth started and finished and another 3/4 done and another new sock started. This is the heather colour pair - a Cascades 220 wool - my first ever pair in 8 ply. I have woven in the orange merino which has some nylon in it, to give a bit of structure/ stretch around the heel. Loving them. Most definintely a boot sock. Love the garter stitch up the front of the sock. Might have to modify the pattern for some 4 ply wool too.

New books- Kristin Hersh's biography -we saw her a week ago - WOWEE. (and are seeing Neil Finn tomorrow night too. Yay. And TOTALLY gutted that I found out too late about Hunters and Collectors playing in November - wah. No more tickets. Really gutted. They are incredible live.)
and Kinfolk magazine - gorgeous and more a book really.

It is election day tomorrow - I have very strong views on politics - we were talking today at school about how we feel most kiwi parents are totally in the dark over the dire way education is heading in New Zealand. All I want is people to vote for our children's future - I'm not happy at people voting for themselves, but that is me.... I know my children will leave NZ after university. Things are getting so much harder for a lot of kiwis and thing won't improve if we get a repeat government. I like this A LOT -

Anyhow.. please vote at least. Have a good weekend - one more week till school hols - whoop!

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