Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday 13 September 2014


I cannot believe how crazy these last two weeks have been.

I single handely organised 4 authors to visit school in one day - a huge exhausting job but a brilliant day.

Essay writing - I have an extension. Great but will get me a bit more behind with general study.

I'm not sure much is being achieved - study every night but not enough. And feeling too guilty to do much else!

Little knitting all winter. (but a tiny bit of sock knitting on plane and a bit this week to try and stop me biting my fingernails. That did not work...)

A tip of a house. A TIP. Horrific. Floors need to be washed. Two weeks of laundry to sort. Laundry outside in the rain as drier can not cope with backlog.

An oven with a door which no longer closes properly.

Kid to hospital appointments - boy howdy do i like our health system. It has delievered much more than i expected for our aspergers (mild on spectrum) kid. The help is there.

Soccer prizegiving.

School interviews.


Music events after school.

No food in the house - baking after school yesterday to have something to eat.

New Jamie Oliver goodies from supermarket stickers. (any other suckers for this or the New World promotion?)

Two new gorgeous books - NZ Sampler book and a NZ cookbook (Thank you The Warehouse for cheaper prices!).

Now it is the countdown to school holidays in 2 weeks time. Last thing to do is really get that essay out...

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