Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Brain overload

I've spent 3 days down at Massey University for a "contact" course for my stage 3 NZ history paper.
It was full on. Lots of talk about colonisation, Treaty of Waitangi, Resource management Act, 19th century acts, Maori figures, Treaty settlements, agency, hegemony etc etc. Still taking it all in. it was incredible really. i thought I knew quite a bit, but have come home going no way.

Time away from my family. Time spent with my parents. That was interesting. (see them 3-4 times a year now). Time spent driving a rental car (an automatic - I'm a manual- stick shift- kinda girl...) and navigating my way round rural roads, a city I am not that familiar with. Lots of good things.

It is great to be home. Just doing home stuff. Haircuts. Too much laundry with rain. The oldest has gone to his first ever concert (Queen) with a mate tonight. An essay to still write (all day in lectures left me not doing a thing at night). The husband is away in the Solomon Islands though.

The best building on campus - oh I could have tested their wool for them. And in the epicentre of all things. (actually on the edge of campus.) Have you ever tried to find your car in an enormous car park?? I was getting a bit worried. then i get to the airport car park at 11.30pm to drive home, and again have no recollection of where I had parked my car - solution? Stand on suitcase (being short) and push your key to unlock car and you can see your car lights flash in the car park - ar found. Yay.)

My parents are collectors - there are collections of things all over the house, glass, wood, textiles, crafts, blankets, quilts, trinkets, thimbles,books, piles of books, magazines, piles of records etc - I adore their stuff. Great op-shops too in their town I'll show you the few items i bought another day.

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