Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday 7 September 2014

Feilding op shops

I flew into Palmerston North early in the afternoon, so I could run around Feilding with my mother and look at the op shops. There are a few and they are all good. I left behind Crown Lynn as decided I did not really need it... but these are the items I did bring home for the sum of $8.80. A pair of pillow cases for $1.00. A Sheridan single sheet for $3. A Duchess bone china trinket dish in mint condition for $4 and 4 souvneir teaspoons at 20 cents each. Love them all. (had 18 degrees today and I have washed and dried about 7 loads of washing outside - yippee). Pillow cases on bed already. Husband not a fan of retro linen but I am. I rarely go to op shops these days as uni work takes precedint on a weekend... School hols are the only time I get to op shops usually. The Feilding ones were real treasure troves. Have you had any op shop finds lately?

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  1. What treasures you found. I do like the floral sheet. x