Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Day Three

Day three started off like this... we pulled across the curtains and went  OMG - I flew out the backdoor (in my underwear!) so fast and nearly tripped over the dear rabbit who had climbed up onto our deck.... She had bitten her way out of her home... Luckily we had a skip full of rubbish, so half the wardrobe door was cut up and nailed onto the side of the cage. Tonight we are buying a sturdy, strong, quality New Zealand made hutch from Trade Me. We are so thankful that Charlie was not harmed!

Renovations look like this -

i am in l-o-v-e with the original flooring still :).

After school I went to the Massey University website (which I have been stalking!) and discovered a
B+ against my summer university paper. OH MY - I am still gobsmacked and have no idea how I did that!!! I only basically wrote half to three quarters of the exam paper...  I know my internal marks will have pulled me up -WOW - STOKED. 4 papers in 15 months on top of working virtually full time in a demanding job/ children etc etc Whew!.

We don't need any more rabbit dramas here. :)


  1. Charlie sure did a good job chewing out of her house. Glad to hear she was ok.
    The renovations look great. I love that floor too. I guess the one good thing about people carpeting over timber floors is it protects them so well.

  2. We bought a hutch from Trademe for our Guinea Pigs and so far so good although they still chew the wood. Could just imagine you running across the lawn in your "undergarments" - I hope the neighbours weren't peeking. Well done on your exam results, you are amazing - what with all the letter writing, knitting and shopping you do too. Have a great week and all the natural timber is just beautiful xo

  3. Well done! Congratulations on your 'B' result, that is fantastic! X

  4. I did laugh (sorry) at the thought of your running into the garden in your underwear looking for the rabbit and then nearly tripping over her! The room is looking fabulous and i love those floors boards too. Congratulations on your exam result you have worked so hard with everything over the past 15 months xx