Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday 13 March 2015

Checking in on my 2015 goals...

These are my 2015 goals I set in January - how am I doing? -

* pass 2 university papers at least (I've done 3 this past year)  -  passed exam Feb 12 and started my first 2015 paper
* visit Christchurch twice (one trip for school library conference) - not yet
* visit Dunedin -last weekend - yippee
* visit Queenstown -  not yet
* shop locally -  yes
* buy more from Felt for gifts -  bought few gifts at all so far
* buy more books - spent $1600 from library budget already :) ; Bought a few for home
* keep vege garden going - going really well
* keep up with letter writing - only owe 3 :)
* make more preserves, marmalade,lemon honey (rest of jam tastes gone since tonsils out nearly 2 years ago) - Preserving peaches this weekend
* scrapbook more - completed LOTS of pages
* cross stitch more - no
* knit more for other people (2 orders for cardigans already this year)- nearly finished another cardigan for a friend
* do more school library outreach - a tiny bit done
* keep the house a lot more tidier - NOPE
* de-clutter once again - half done
* design and build new kitchen - thought about it...
* paint inside / new carpet in bedrooms - renovated a bedroom impulsively instead :)
* blog more - hmmmm not really
* catch up with friends more - yes in a fortnightly craft group :)
* wake up and get up earlier in the mornings (this will be hard...) - yes - a miracle!
* cook more dinners (husband's "job") - ha -  nope
* help guide 2 kids into 2 new schools (one will get a fright...) - a big change for one which is impacting on all of us....
* cut the grocery bill - actaually have no clue whether i have or not (so just buying what i like really!)
* use more natural products for cleaning - sort of
* finish quilt - no
* visit local family more - only for birthdays so far...
* do more local sightseeing - no - too hot for me to go anywhere much!
* spend a few weekends away with the husband - working on this
*live a lot more simply - I have most certainly been using stashes and not buying as much stuff as usual and using up things in the house/ veges from garden etc

So really , overall, going pretty well! Things have been tough at work, and this weekend I am cleaning like a mad women, knitting, knitting,knitting and buying a new bed for the first time in 14 years! Things are so behind at home and the house is a tip.  The new bedroom looks fab and we are just waiting for the floors to harden up a bit before the teenager moves back in. Electrician was in today and we just need to get new curtains made and we are done!

Take care if you are in the way of the cyclone - we need a lot of rain, so that will be welcome, but we can do without cyclone damage!

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