Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday 16 March 2015

Peaches, cyclones and knitting

Another weekend gone. I collapse on Fridays after a manic week at school. I could have collapsed tonight - but I've thrown a roast in the oven, ironed a basket load, done 2 loads of laundry and stared at some knitting, while thinking about a uni assignment. Three more weeks till the hols, which I am already looking forward to! I am looking forward to our new bed which arrives tomorrow - the oldest is getting our 12 year old queen size bed in his new bedroom. The room looks divine - still to order roman blinds, but otherwise all finished.

The hot weather has been good for one thing! Peaches. They are glorious and the best lot we have ever had. I spent a few hours yesterday peeling, cutting, making syrup and bottling several big jars of them. Still another big box to process. The youngest wants apples stewed too, but I'll have to buy the apples for those. I love peach plus apple pies in winter!

We had Cyclone Pam come through, but thankfully it was very mild. I did stock up on water, batteries. powdered milk, tins. Pam is now over on the East Coast (Gisborne and surrounds - where we were in January) and is having a much more devastating impact. Thinking of another blogger over there who I hope is okay! Vanuatu is a mess - totally devastated and impoverished already in such a big way before the direct hit. I am running a fundraising mufti/sausage sizzle day for Vanuatu at school. 
Lots of knitting completed over the weekend - another cardigan for a friend and I started a "My Favourite" cardigan for me in a gorgeous rust colour wool from Utiku Wools. There have been a few mutterings and un-doing of the pattern, but I made it finally - whew! Tonight I am finishing off dishcloths as a knit along with Mel. I am a bit behind with her patterns, but will get there!
have a good week everyone!


  1. Love the look of the bottled peaches
    Plenty of apples at my house if you want some to bottle!
    Our peaches were all rotten in the middle on one tree and the birds got to the other tree
    Next year I am picking early

  2. Amazed you have such beautiful peaches growing right outside your door, what a treasure trove! X

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