Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday 23 March 2015

Send us your Country blog swap (Australia to New Zealand)

Anna's parcel to me arrived at school this afternoon. It was funny as I opened it with a class, who was just as excited as me. I don't think they believed it was "all the way from Australia" as Zosia said.
We had a great discussion about Australia, where it was, symbols, food, animals, big cities, lollies etc.

I love what Anna sent. (Anna does not have a blog). We (at home and school) have had discussions over the minties. :) I always thought they were a NZ thing, but apparently not! But the really funny thing is that the ones sent from Australia are made right here in NZ and are branded Allens. And they are vanilla and chocolate and hard like our "old" NZ ones. NZ minties are no longer made in NZ and are now made in Thailand and have lost the hardness and are now soft and chewey and a fast eat. (lots of complaints over the change!). And they are branded pascall. So there you go.

I have gorgeous bunting, now up above my desk; a really cute tissue keeper (love the pattern and fabric) and a mug hug which also is adorable (I love sewn items!). A new oven mitt which is so needed, a cool luggage tag designed by Kate Hudson, an Australian print artist of Eltham, VIC (I know Eltham well as our manager of our Melbourne business lives there); a retro hankie; an ear-ring and necklace set which made me giggle , postcards, an ANZAC poppy (fab for school too, to show students the difference between our countries' ones) and two coasters.

So many wonderful items. Thank you so much Anna - love everything and such a generous swap too.
I am hoping my parcel arrives within the next few days - mail to Australia seems to be slow these days... Anyone else received any exciting packages from the swap?

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  1. Yes! I got Glenda's and have mailed hers. I must do a post about what I received. I loved it all.