Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday 24 March 2015


This is my kitchen and lounge tonight...

Dishes from last night... junk everywhere... more preserved peaches done... bread from the weekend... fruit that needs to be composted (or made into banana loaf at least)... the to do list from 2013/4 still up on cupboards... no futon mattress on futon (still waiting for new bed mattress to arrive)...

and we've been scouted for a tv ad tonight by the neighbours! Photos taken exactly of this! They want "middle NZ un-renovated homes, un-renovated kitchens (that looked lived in and aren't too "flash" or renovated or "modern" looking). Rustic looking is good, possibly with wood details or with character. Ideally NO shiny splash backs in the kitchen". (their words).

The neighbours all work in tv, and they came over to investigate and said we are perfect. And that is so nice to see a real home, that looks lived in and has a really homely feel, that is not a show home, that has a ton of books everywhere, and shows a busy real family.

Oh my gosh - it IS real, we are stupid busy this week (and I am close to tears with everything), yes it is homely, has a lot of books, and it is a TIP and needs a damn good clean.

We find out tomorrow if chosen and filming for the Mercury Energy ad is on Tuesday. Fingers crossed - that is a lot of wool ;). And really really neat to meet the neighbours and wonder why they come and go all hours of the day and night and are always moving stuff in/ around/ out of vans!

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  1. Fun!! I've been having one of those weeks too ( bit tearful, wanting to throw the towel in) xxx hope it happens