Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Send us your Country Swap Part Two

We have had much needed rain - huge amounts - but it has left me with about 6 loads of wet laundry to sort out. I am neither a leave on clothes horse inside type of girl nor do I like using a clothes drier a lot. I am an outside all year round laundry person even if it is 4 degrees in winter.. still outside - usually on the clothes horse on the deck. The laundry will now need to be re-spun but at the moment it can stay out there for days - the only things we will need is school uniforms.

I've cleaned and knitted most of today - it is 99% certain that the filming will go ahead on Tuesday and we have been told NOT to touch a thing as the filming people want it exactly like it is.... I am struggling with that... hee hee!

This is what i sent to Anna in Melbourne for the "Send us Your Country Swap". Her package arrived this past week - this is what she said (Anna does not have a blog) -

Many THANKS for the great package you put together for me. Love the Tui fabric
you used for the handy shower cap & the all the rest of the goodies you sent.
The chocolates have been already gobbled up! Even the scrumptious hokey pokey
chocolate marshmallow eggs didn't even make it to Easter!!! (you get used
to that, having to grown up sons & a husband who adore anything chocolate).
Have put the house keys on the lovely pohutakawa ring & have already used
the mud face cream(very nice).

Loved what you wrote on your blog re: Minties; there isn't much made in Oz
that you can't get in NZ. It was very hard to find something just made here.
Should have sent you what I originally thought would be good but didn't
know whether you&your family would like them - Anzac biscuits!

Heaps of Thanks again - kindest regards, Anna :0)

I bought Anna a 'kiwiana' bag; sewed her a shower cap (Thank you Spotlight in Dunedin for being close - i hate driving around Auckland most days and am too lazy a lot of the time to go to a Spotlight to get fabric - in the central suburbs I know of two wool and fabric shops which have shut and another wool shop in the past month... oh dear! I use to frequent all and it is now further driving to get to other crafty places), sent her some Skinfood (a mud mask with mud from Rotorua!) - I love Skinfood products but have not used this particular one as yet - some ecostore soap, and NZ Easter eggs plus good old Whitakers chocolate and a Pohutukawa key ring.

Looking forward to seeing what others received too.

Anyone know of any current swaps happening? School hols in 6 more days... can't wait!

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