Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

This is New Zealand...

ahhh - school holiday love. Two and a half hour drive from home. But I think I could have been in the Cook Islands or Fiji! Typical NZ over hols - half empty camp grounds and slices of paradise like this with few people around... Kai Iwi Lakes. (and no I had never been here before but have been to lots of other places! So many people seem surprised this is my first time visiting here).

Twas the husband's birthday yesterday - very low key to the point that he received a box of scorched almonds and that was it... i walked and walked around a shopping centre with no idea what to get him and then walked home empty handed. He does not mind - he is looking forward to the pair of socks which I will finish knitting for him today. We told the boys that this was the pattern for the year - no gifts but experiences - yep they were horrified! We were only joking. My husband is the most non-materialistic person I know and one of the happiest!

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  1. What a stunning beach. It reminds me of the beaches on the north coast of Scotland, same idea, beautiful beach, nobody else around for miles. X