Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Around these parts

Winter soccer. Local-ish and I've been going to games watching a new team trying to gel.
Double bass practicing happening.
Breast cancer breakfast at school - all baked by me and 8 students on Monday afternoon - these kids rock. Watching 4 stoves at a time is a mission though! Good teachers in the pic though!
Another television advertisement has been filmed with Tammy Davis back in the house again. (funny coming home from work to see the guy lounging on my bed!).
Birthdays have happened - so low key with, ah, two people outside the 5 of us remembering........... (poor kid!)
Apple and peach pie making. So fab to have stewed apple and peaches bottled and ready to use instantly.
And discussions with unions (nope NZEI you really do NOTHING for me) and school library politics around NZ and huge changes happening at school and essay writing - sigh.
And knitting, Lots of knitting. The only thing that currently keeps me sane!

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  1. You sound as busy as ever Kimberly. Happy 14 th to,your son, I think birthday celebrations do get smaller as the kids get older, great cake though! X