Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Givaway winner finally

Remember this giveaway? I keep on falling over the things on my floor (along with everything else that seems to living on the floor at the moment!).

Another television commercial is being filmed here on Tuesday - a crazy day already as I have to be at school by 6.30am and it is one of the kid's birthdays too and at this stage I think I may see him for 3 or so hours in the day, which I feel very mean about, but you can't help the date that things at school are scheduled for etc! I have folded up laundry from 10 days ago today - we are in the summer to winter swap over, which is why lots has sat and sat and sat there in the 4 baskets....

Anyway - *** Claire Hubbard *** - lucky you! Please send me your details and I'll flick this off in the post asap (bit slack about getting to the post office lately too, but hopefully I can find a prepaid satchel here too!).

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