Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Dishcloth/Mug Rug Swap 2015 Partners

Hello everyone. All of a sudden it is freezing. And I'm up in the warm north! The fire has been going since 4pm - luckily we picked up a trailer load of firewood this past weekend. There has been major flooding down south and my parents are very lucky they were not flooded - mainly due to have a higher porch and steps.

here are the swap partners - please get in contact with your partner and swap addresses etc.

Kimberley and Knit, Bake and Cultivate

Tracy and NZ Green Buttons

Jo and Glenda (no blog -

Indigo Blue and Cally

Melanie and Maria (Melanie - I'll contact you with Maria's details)

Have fun! Any queries/issues , please contact me.

Kimberley x


  1. I have emailed and am looking forward to a reply

  2. I love this blog!! The flash up the top is awesome!! how to clean a rug