Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Taking Stock June 28, 2015

Making : just cast off another cardigan for me - knitted in 6 weeks
Cooking : the husband is as well as the new groovy cafe over the road :)
Drinking : tea - many cups
Reading:The Goldfinch. AMAZING
Wanting: the school holidays to hurry up and come
Looking: forward to the Auckland - Wellington train journey in a week
Playing: board games every night in front of the fire - Manifest is our newest game
Deciding: what to knit next
Wishing: the holidays were already here (like two of my lucky children!)
Enjoying: relaxing weeks after last essay written for the semester
Waiting: patiently for the Swiss nieces to arrive (or do they see themselves as british or dutch or kiwis??!)
Liking: getting 9 loads of laundry done this weekend and showers scrubbed and scrubbed
Wondering: how may of the 3000 library books out will come back (ha!)
Loving: lazy days
Pondering: what wool to buy for the next cardigan
Buying: not a lot! I've been very good lately on the whole!
Watching: Westside
Hoping: week goes fast
Marvelling: at the independence of my teens
Cringing: at husband's beloved sweatshirt
Needing: a holiday (there is a theme here!)
Questioning: why support staff at schools are treated like garbage by the union/government
Smelling: vanilla tea
Wearing: bright red jeans!
Following: my own rules :)
Noticing: how far the school has come with a new principal
Knowing: that school is getting better and better
Thinking: That, at the moment, I cannot be bothered doing any more study!
Admiring: new rocking teachers
Sorting: clothing
Getting: loads achieved all round
Bookmarking: knitting patterns on Ravelry
Coveting: Orla Kiely shoes still
Disliking: little mail in my letterbox
Opening: boxes of brand new books at school
Giggling: at students and the things they say
Feeling: pretty content
Snacking: nuts
Helping: teachers constantly - i love it
Hearing: Split Enz from the teenagers bedroom

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  1. Great list Kimberley! Esp ' own rules' yeh! Love it! X