Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Whew! School Holidays

I made it through the term! Well I was sick on Wednesday (for the first time in 18 months or so), and then went to school on Thursday, when I should have possibly stayed home. One deputy told me I should of, but when I told her that the mountain of books to shelve in the library were not going to move themselves.... (I issue around 2500 books every month - up to 17,000 issues this year already!). So I bumbled my way through the last two days.
Six teachers have left this term - that is possibly school history in the making there!Things are a changing. Hugely. I love it!

So school hols. I was up bright and early this morning to take a kid for a hair cut and needed some cotton singlets for me. I have not shopped a lot at all lately and went into K-Mart and did a shopping spree for $17! Singlets were $2 on clearance; a sweet stationery pack for $4 on clearance; boyleg underwear for $3 and another bag, which I do not need, for $4. Cute fabric gets me....Quite pleased with all of that! I am not one for fast and cheap fashion - usually- but the singlets are perfect!

The boys and I are doing the Auckland to Wellington 11 hour train journey on Monday. We are all pretty excited, but it is a l-o-n-g time! I've a few new knitting projects started - a scarf for my cousin and a very cool pair of socks for me - check out the pattern -I'm impressed with myself! Hee hee.
I will cast on this shawl too and flick from project to project over the hours! I have my next university paper to start too (Medieval Women) and also letter writing and lots of picture taking through the windows too. Should be a great experience.

I'm excited about finally visiting Holland Road Yarn for the very first time. (We are flying home, and i will have a suitcase to fill up - hee hee). One is looking forward to Cuba Mall record/vinyl shops. We'll roam. Easy to do there. I know lots of good cheapish cafes near parliament. It'll be a great few days!
Enjoy hols everyone!


  1. Enjoy your break, that train journey will be a great chance to get some projects finished. Your bargain buys are great! Just wondering, did you get my email regarding the dishcloth swap??

  2. Happy Holiday Kimberley! A well deserved break. I love long train journeys for reading/sewing/knitting X

  3. I love the yarn you've chosen for the lonely tree shawl