Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday, 29 June 2015

Crafty exploits

I think you can track my school terms by my knitting. Last term it was another cardigan; this one here, using gorgeous wool by Meraki, was knitted in 6 weeks, this term. Someone else needs to be home to take a pic of me wearing. I love it and had just the right amount of wool!
I finished a blackberry stitch hat too, which, quite frankly, did my head in many times. I finally got the pattern after about 3 un-dos and more than half way through the pattern. I do like how it came out.
My cousin Jackie from Dunedin and I are doing a knitting swap with each other. We have given each other one of our most favourite skeins of wool and are knitting each other something as a surprise.
This most gorgeous and amazing shawl was hand delivered to me a week ago. I feel so very lucky! The wool has a wee bit of sparkle through it too.
Poor Jackie - her wool she gave me is still perfect in its skein. I think I finally know what to knit her but feel very daunted as her knitting skills are amazing.
Amazing talent runs all through our families - my Auntie Rayma turned up with this absolutely incredible wall hanging for me plus the most divine needle case which she had also stitiched! WOW.
I was blown away! My mum and other aunt and Jackie have no idea what I had done to deserve such amazing gifts (neither do I! ;) ), but I am so thrilled at all of the items made for me. These are the best gifts, with so much time and love and talent spent on them!
I've also nearly finished a pair of plain socks for another friend. I need to decide on several things to start knitting, as will be captive on a train for an 11 hour journey next Monday - Auckland to Wellington, with the boys. It will be fab but a l-o-n-g journey. Lots and lots of knitting time!


  1. Great knits! 11 hours on a train is a loooong time! X

  2. what beautiful knits & a great idea to knit for someone else too! I love that Idea but not sure I would manage it :)