Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday 17 September 2015

Minding my own business

Scanning 10,000 books over the past week and today and finishing.. but with 800 odd on the missing list (the usual suspects of Geronimo/Thea Stilton x 35, Wimpy Kid x 23, Tom Gates X 10 etc).
Reading about the earthquake in Chile just after lunch. Scanning more books. Not looking at e-mails for a couple of hours. Then I do. Then I realise that the husband's mum was in Santiago, but flying home tonight.
Cue a bit of panic. Finding out her connecting flight had just arrived into Santiago half an hour after the quake. Then spending time on-line on and off after school looking at flights. Learning a bit of spanish to understand airport pages.
Luckily her flight back down under has now left but 5 hours late, but we can handle that!
The East Coast of New Zealand is now on a tsunami watch due to hit in 1-2 hours. We are on the side where we should be okay, even if the sea is like 5 minutes drive from home.

I guess an airport pick up is better at 9.30am than 4.30 am :) . What an afternoon!

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  1. Poor all of you, must of given you a huge scare, hope she arrives home safely . and you sweetheart thinking of you and hoping that tsunami , well hoping your are all safe too...Maria xxxx