Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday 18 September 2015

this week

It SO needs to be school holidays NOW. Not in another week's time. I need a break from 2000 overdue books.
This week it has been simple things like mail (about 9 letters - yay!) and discovering old shoes to wear (hello purple flowery converse hidden in the wardrobe!).
This quote from yesterday is quite perfect - that sums up today - not the anger but the frustration.
It is the weekend. Hallelujah. Just the essay to perfect after the critique and I'm done for the term. I am truly done already!

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  1. The time definitely comes when you're ready for the school holidays, it must be a large school you work in with 2000 overdue books. Love those sandals you've recently bought. I got some plain Clarks sandals last year, they were quite expensive but they're the essence of comfort and they're still going strong after two summer's wear.