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Creative Chaos

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Christchurch 2

And I'm home after 6 days. I am so happy! Let the school holidays begin.

These photos are from the city centre of Christchurch - there is huge amounts of building happening. There are also a lot of empty parking lots where buildings used to be. There are buildings still waiting to be demolished, which look just like the day they did when the big February earthquake struck. You can still see the emergency writing on door/windows checking that the building was clear of people days after the quake. The big cathedral stands there behind a fence. It is very very hard to pinpoint things. There are road blocks in places. Roads open and close every day, all over the city. People drive to work one day, try it the next, then have to figure out an alternative route. (too many to post in one entry - what I am really trying to get across is the absolute devastation which is still very very apparent. The people are very strong. There are parts of the city which were not as affected as much. But the mental health of many many people, including children and teens, I think is very very worrying - years on people are still fighting insurance companies. The government too has let a lot of people down)
Christchurch -


  1. It must have a collective impact on the psyche of the inhabitants to live in the aftermath of such devastation. Very sad X

  2. I know I am supposed to comment on a September post for Swap Bot (Blog Hop September Roundup) but I saw these pictures and read the post below. The damage is extensive... but these pictures are hauntingly beautiful. I recently wrote an article about Hurricane Katrina and how it has been ten years and people are still having to fight for their insurance monies and with the government. There is still clean up here too. I can't imagine.

    Julia (minivandreams)

    --I am also one of your newest penpals... I 'got' you again for the blog hop! :-)