Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

doing stuff

Usually my afternoons revolve around coming home and throwing myself onto the bed. I then listen to the teenagers arrive home from school one by one and then wait for them to announce that there is never anything to eat in the house. (the eldest has finished exams and does not go back to school till January 21, 2016! He needs a job!).

Today I ran to to the post office after school (and spent *** $171.33 *** on parcels and stamps - still stunned!); then I have come home and got stuck into stuff.

Stuff like :
* picking piles of stuff up off my bedroom floor and putting in the right places
*sorting knitting patterns
* throwing stuff into recycling/huge box by front door for op-shop
* ringing garage for car service
*ringing butcher for 500 sausages for school
*bringing in laundry
*hanging out another 2 loads of laundry
*finding out where my Nosh hamper I won is (then it turned up!)

*sorting through 2 teens summer wardrobes (fast running out of stuff that fits!)
*reading fun mail
*relegating dinner to husband (oh wait - that is normal ;) )
*sorting through fabric pile
*sorting through books to give away or keep
*sighing at the ironing pile (no further action on that!)

Now I think I do need to sit down and knit! It is good to get around doing this stuff - stuff that while studying makes me feel guilty! Pretty cool hamper huh? We have won 4 things in the past week :)


  1. Oh lol!!!! That sounds like my kids.....There's nothing to eat only ingredients!!!I tell them that out in the wild some mothers eat their young!!!!! Does that statement stop them?,,,,,no. lol Stay strong girl.
    Cheers, Anita.

  2. ooh! your hamper looks great .. cant you give them that for tea? lol x

  3. Great hamper and best of all no more exams..yippee you are on a roll honey. We are swappers again re Amy's card swap. Love the fabric on the other post..busy girl.xx

  4. Glad you've won some things - you are so generous x

  5. Postage gets me every time
    I'm sure stamps have just tripled in price