Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Still Pottering Around

I'm still having a glorious time pottering around after school and in the evenings. I have sewn another skirt plus a pair of long summer pj pants. Four new wardrobe items sewn in under a week! I've been wearing both skirts to school and love them!
Am adoring my roses at the moment. Has been lovely sitting at my desk catching up on lots of letter writing with roses on my desk.
The flowering cheery tree is spectacular, but these blossoms will be gone in a day or two.
I've un-earthed the London cross stitch and am determined to finish it this summer! 
New magazines - had a $4 off voucher for NZ House and Garden and the Australian Country Style had two copies for the price of one - so 3 mags for $15 is pretty amazing to me. I have not bought any mags for months!
And the snow peas and courgettes, plus beans and tomatoes are coming along nicely.
School is manic. Craziest time of the year. Not a fan. 
And Christmas is terrifying me - my lack of any interest this year is not good! I can not be bothered doing one bit of shopping and told my poor boys they need little.. it does not really bother them either. Non-consumers like their dad! One said all he wants is headphones, one had no ideas at all and the other said a pair of running shoes would suffice. Santa is long gone in this house. The husband told me I needed to find some Christmas spirit! Oh. I put a Christmas cushion out and the 17 year old promptly put it away and said it was far too early... I did lots of Christmas things with them when younger, but I guess teens show little interest??


  1. I think the spirit goes out of Christmas somewhat where there are no little ones at home any longer. Daniel sounds like your boys, there's nothing he wants so he'll get a few small surprises and money. Eleanor likes to have some surprises and I could actually go on and on for her, I know the things she likes and I have to make myself stop otherwise I'd be bankrupt. Your roses are beautiful, is the darker shade on the same bush as the lighter shade? I know some start off darker and then fade.

  2. My girls still love Christmas and so do I but I can't get into the consumerism that goes along with it. Just the spirit of it I guess. Garden is looking good and you are a clever clogs with all you get done.

  3. My kids love Christmas
    I love Christmas
    I despise expectation and ungratefulness