Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday, 18 December 2015

around the home

Spending time at home today, I noticed how many things are dotted around the house that have been made either by me or made for me by others. We are having one side of the families Christmas do tomorrow - I always rather hope my mother has made something for me! My hands are always busy.
(I was told to put my knitting needles down in the staff room the other to "relax" - told the guy that this WAS me relaxing! (it was either knitting or drink the bottle of red wine in front of me! ;) )

let's have a tour...

a cross stitch cushion I made a few years back
 the fab tea cosie my cousin Jackie made me
 a cushion cover I sewed
 cute kiwis from Pauanesia, pumpkin from Maria and chicken from Melanie
 a pile of dishcloths needing ends sewn in (I given away 7 this week as small gifts with soap/candles/hand lotion)
 very cute bunting from Gloria and Aussie bunting from an old blog swap
 one of 3 shower caps I rotate - I love making these!
 green/stripes/blue/green and orange skirts I've sewn
 a few of the many pairs of socks I've knitted
 several baskets of knitted goodies
 a doorstop from a school gala
 The santa I made in 2002 while living in Melbourne, Australia (adore!)
 more bunting from another swap and middle child's fab art
 and yet more bunting from another swap and my new Christmas bunting
 Christmas cushion to match bunting and kiwi cushion
 Two Maggie rabbits I made - love these! (Michael Morpurgo book collection)
 handmade Christmas decorations (couple bought a few weeks ago)
 oven mitt made by my mother on the left and the new one bought at a craft stall 2 weeks ago
 aaprons I made years ago
 bag I made many years ago and doorstop from a school gala
And a very cool retro Australian bag made by a dear Aussie penfriend Tracy.


  1. Lots of lovely work. I really like the socks. I think they are my favourite

  2. Handmade is the best isn't it....making and drinking wine sounds a perfect relaxing combination to me... Xx

  3. Love handmade too. When someone makes you something, they have given you their time which is so precious. You've got a great collection Kimberley.

  4. These are the sorts of things that make a house a home aren't they. Happy Christmas! xx

  5. I enjoyed seeing the handmade items around you and I appreciate the ones around me as well. ...Creative celebration!!! xx

  6. Socks !!!
    So much hand made goodness everywhere ...

  7. Gorgeous! What beautiful things you have made and been given. Hard to pick a favourite, but the owl door stop is particularly adorable! X