Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Go and say THANKS and weeeee - divine tea cosie!

This time of the year is, quite frankly, a nightmare for any school librarian and school office staff. We are doing A LOT more than anyone else in the school.

1400 library books in my case still ISSUED and MIA.... everyone says they have returned them - NOT. Whole areas have been scanned and re-scanned and re-scanned, and they are not there.

So please go and say a huge thanks to the office staff and your school librarian - schools without office staff would NOT function in any capacity! We get forgotten about.

I'm dead already. Luckily I get to play with lego and robotics tomorrow to give me a banging-my-head-on-a-brick-wall break!

In other things  - look what arrived in my mail box today! My cousin and I did a tea cosie swap and this is mine. Isn't it just divine? I opened it up, then went straight into my kitchen and baked some amaretti biscuits and shortbread too - a teapot full of tea needs baking to go with it! I adore the cosie!

Jackie also sent me our next knitting challenge - oh my! I'll show you another time. Huge expectations there..


  1. Lol.....oh I know your pain re school and library!!!!! My library has 884 overdue books, though some of the overdues are listed under "I have never taken that book out" section!!!! lol I am flat out scanning books back in and shelving, the library is the Grand Central station right now.Hang in girl.
    Cheers, Anita.

  2. What a fantastic tea cosy!! That is adorable isn't it! Thank you for your card! So kind of you! xx

  3. Where do I read about your knitting challenges