Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 13 December 2015

I'm nearly done :)

Don't you just love a stomach bug to wipe you out? VERY bad timing as I have 1.5 days of school left and an auditor's report still to do (and I'm the only way who knows how to do it...).

Stellar weather yesterday - too hot actually. Gazillions of laundry done.

Eldest got a job! VERY lucky as in 100 applied, 14 interviews and 3 positions. VERY proud of him!
Had to buy black trousers and shoes yesterday as part of his uniform. It's at a movie theatre - he gets free movies, a mate in for $2 and plus free drinks every work session and adult minimum wage which is pretty good for a teenager! Hopefully he will get lots of shifts!

Still no Christmas shopping done - my family really would not mind if we had few gifts as long as one gets stereo headphones, another a pair of sneakers and the other said he does not need anything! Tree still in backyard.

Still a few cards to write and post as well.

All three loving being at home, but "there is nothing to eat" - all day long apparently.

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