Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Sort of a routine

It is sleep in till 8-9am (mastered actually only 4 days after school finished!)
Have a cup of tea and either honey toast (clover only) or muesli with yogurt (Greek only) and blueberries.
Stay in bed till whenever either reading, on the screen or knitting.
Then jump up for shower and always a load or two of laundry.
Days are all sunny, although much needed rain in on its way.
Husband makes bread rolls for lunch every day and these are eaten with good ham and brie (for me).
We can wait hours for the teenagers to emerge... and I mean hours.
So my current days are spent writing letters, cross stitching, mastering knitting two socks at once, reading and yesterday I started sorting out months of photos and trying to get 2015 scrapbooked! Doing very very basic pages, but that suits me fine.
The situation looks like this:

I possibly do need to get a bit more motivated to get out and about, but I do like being at home and accomplishing things for me and things that I have waited months to because of university study! It is lovely.


  1. Enjoy every moment of what you get done

  2. pretty knitting and pretty stitching! so glad you have some down time to enjoy both :)

  3. I like your routine and who needs to go out anyhow!

  4. Staying at home is great. I love it. I didn't realise you were knitting two socks simultaneously on the same needles- that is impressive! X