Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Send Us Your Country Blog Swap package #2

Since there was an odd number of swappers on my country swap, I had two partners. My second partner was Diane of The Cheshire Quilter fame. It was yet another exciting package to receive! So fab to come home after a day of work to find exciting things in my letter box.

I love bags. I love big bags like this one - Diane tells me St. George is the patron saint of England and they celebrate St George's Day on April 23rd. His flag is red and white, so is reflected in my gorgeous bag.

The bag was chocka with things. Lollies, stationery (smelly BIC pens - we do have BIC here but not these pens and I had to stop the teenage stationery fanatic from stealing these!), paperclips, sticky notes, notepads,pencils - all good stuff!

Lollies - snaffled up by kids and then stolen back by me! I do share them a bit :).

I love all the sewing that Diane did for me - what a very cool tea bag caddie; a tissue holder; and a pot mat. I'd love to know how to make hexagons like this.

And I adore the wool - spun in Yorkshire - I adore it so much I might have a wee shopping cart being filled up with more... I just need to finish another pair of socks which was started back in January, before I cast on this wool. I am pretty sure the wool will knit up striped, which I love. I'm jumping on a plane this weekend for a 24 hour trip to Wellington, our capital city, so airport/plane travel always necessitates knitting!

Thank you so much Diane for being a fab partner and sending neat things - I love this swap and it is neat seeing what different countries have to offer! Yours was posted last week, so should be with you any day now!


  1. What wonderful things to receive! I am sure that you sent great things too. xx

  2. so glad you liked what I sent xx

  3. You are so good with all your swaps Kimberly! What a great stash you received X