Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday, 1 April 2016

Easter Swap

This year I hosted an Easter swap. I think it might become part of my annual swap repertoire :)
Ryan picked the partners and I was partnered with the lovely Tracy from Mad About Bags. Tracy timed her package to absolute perfect with it arriving on Easter Saturday (I didn't actually think we'd even get any mail on this day, so it was fab to see a package in the letterbox!)
It twas a lovely package too. My pesky tastebuds have not performed on the chocolate front since I had my tonsils out 3 years ago. I actually struggle with this, as how could one not like chocolate? I tried again on Easter Sunday - two tiny little eggs, but nope - icky stuff! So Tracy knowing this, sent a chocolate free package and instead I got divine local tea which I love (first thing I always buy overseas!), a very sweet bunny which she made (great stitching - a lot of work gone into that!), a cute tea towel (possibly too good to use ;) ) and some Easter ribbons. I loved the little tags on each gift and will re-use these on my Easter scrapbooking pages. Thanks Tracy for a fab sweet swap!

I sent these items to Tracy - I got very addicted to knitting these dishcloths and an Easter basket one !
The Whitakers kiwi "eggs" were new to the market this year and I've sent quite a few off to friends/family overseas. They are a big hit!


  1. Hello Kimberley,

    Some lovely Easter goodies, love the Chocolate Kiwi. I couldn't reply to your email regarding the pattern for the pot mitt as you were set as no reply. If you reply to this with a email I can reply to I will let you no more about the pattern.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Happy days.

  2. Lots of Easters lovelies for both you and Tracy!! I really must get back into doing swaps again. I so enjoyed doing all the swaps I have participated in.


    Amanda xx

  3. Great swap. Sorry to hear you can no longer enjoy chocolate. I had my tonsils out as an adult too, it is no fun atall!

  4. How lovely, that bunny tea towel is too cute!